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Saturday, October 29, 2011

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 29 - Diner in Quarter Scale

I have to say, this little project has been stalled for while.   I got the diner food kit and made some 'jumbo' cheeseburgers.    I've still not gotten the whole routine of quarter scale food down, but I am trying.   Anyway, after finally getting some workable cheeseburgers and fries and drinks, I decided it was time to do the diner.  Got started and make the counter and then the project stalled again.   The booths seems to stall me.   After doing the NAME Day project, I figured I was dragging my feet and I just need to DO IT NOW.   Last weekend, I finished my little diner.    My husband says it's going to go broke because it only has two customers.   I will need to rectify that.  

Since these pictures were taken I decided it needed a door to a kitchen and I've added it in the far left corner with a sign that says 'staff only' and I did the ketchup and mustard containers.   One won't be displayed because it is hiding on my floor.   That's the way with quarter scale; when it hits the floor, it generally is gone forever.     The food kit and the diner kit are by Janet Smith from   The little dolls are by Janet Stockwell.


Anonymous said...

I would love to come eat here! Maybe you could make a "mess" on the other table and make it look like someone just left? Hugs, Barb M.

Lady Jane said...

I love this diner for sure. I have seen it on 1/4 scale connection and think you did an excellent job. LJ