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Saturday, October 15, 2011

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 15 - cleaning complete

On November 6 I posted about all the damage that had occurred to my little dollhouse.   You can see that post Here .   Most a lot of cleaning was needed.  Also a lot of gluing.

Here's the cleaned and spruced up cottage.

 The door has been reattached. 
 Front yard cleaned up - I added a bike.   Have to have a bike at a cottage. 
 The upstairs bedroom.   Added a different rug, laid out a sweater, added flip-flops to the rug.  

 Apparently I lost a chair, so I took two champagne chairs and added them.  Can't decide if  want to paint them or like the funky look.   So far, I will leave them alone.   Furniture is all upright.   I still need a coffee table, but haven't found one I like. 
 Added more pictures.   Filled the china cabinet.   Added a birch shelf.  Will need to fill it, but haven't figured out with what yet.  
 Close up of china cabinet.   

I am thinking of putting Plexiglas on the back to ease in future maintenance - also thinking of wiring some lights in it.   Those projects will await another day.   Glad to have my cottage suitable for company.  

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