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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 18 - My first quarter scale project

In 1992, I quite my job at TWA and started my own business.   My son Aaron was 7 and I was missing out on all the excitement in his life.   I cute my hours WAY back and had a pretty good small business where I did accounting and bookkeeping services.    Besides the joy of spending a lot more time with my son, one of the joys of being self employed was having the time to join a miniature group.   It was a small group in Leavenworth Kansas, made up of Betty, Lois, Priscilla, Georgia and me!    We met frequently and had a great time with miniatures.   Up to this point in my life,  I had only collected miniatures and put them in a type drawer.   Loved them and thought I would eventually do a dollhouse.   I made my first two room boxes with this group. They were both in 1 inch scale.      I also got my first taste of quarter scale.    This group always displayed miniatures at the annual show in Leavenworth with proceeds going to Charity.    

They got ones of those little villages of card board and wanted me to do the house with garage.   I said I would do it.   Now there was an antique shop, a church and several other shops.   All were furnished except mine.    I did manage to get the house and garage done but didn't have a clue how to furnish it.    I decided I would put a 'for sale' sign in front - solved the problem of not being furnished.    I had - key word there is had - pictures of the whole village; but they got lost during Hurricane Wilma in 2005.    The 'for sale sign', the paper boy and one of the trees are no longer there (who knows what happened to them).   Someday I might try furnishing them, but doubtful.   I actually like the history it represents.

Hope you enjoy!

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Lady Jane said...

I am having so much fun viewing your every day posts for October. I think my favorite is the little kitchen with the lobster pot. So glad you found a place for that treasure. Cheers! LJ