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Thursday, October 6, 2011

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Oh! the House Maintenance - Day 6

Little houses need maintenance from time to time - just like the real life sized houses.    This little  1/12 scale house needs some help, because it went through several traumas.  

Door knocked off hinges

Dining table ended up upside down in the front yard.   I up righted it. 
chair turned over

Pictures off the wall.

Serving pieces missing and leaning in cabinet.

Drawers all out of chest of drawers.

Unbelievable - I have maintenance to do to my dollhouse.   First a little boy, visiting with his mother to my husband's in-home tax business, broke the door off .   Then to add insult to injury to the house, my dogs (two Corgies and one Jack Russell) were a little too hyper before a walk and knocked it off it's table.   I will give you a picture today to see the damage.  

Stay tuned for the updates of all the changes.

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Eliana said...

I wish good luck for the reform of your little house! :)