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Saturday, October 1, 2011

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 1 - Inspiration

What inspires a miniature room box???   I've put some together that are pretty nice and in the view of others are great boxes.   Now the ones that I have a real passion for are those that start with one or two pieces that absolutely warms my heart.   I love the item, I love the way the finished room box looks and most importantly - the box tells a story - although make believe - a real story in my small world.  

This little statue is from a novelty catalog and my husband just loved it.   It is solar activated and she does the 'queen wave' during daylight hours.  I thought great - but it needs something else.     That's when I decided it was time to get out all my England things and make a room box.

 After getting the cabinet filled with tea items, I figured out a way to do the Royal Robe on a display piece.  
 Tea items, silver items and some books on English things. 

Can you think of England without thinking of the Beatles?   I don't think so.

I got this piece done and was so happy with it.   The little waving queen looked lovely and wouldn't you know, I picked it up, dropped it; and it was broken and wouldn't wave.  

My friend said "You have a house full of your stuff and you break your husband's ONE item?" - Had to order another one of them.  

National Dollhouse Miniature month is the full month of October and I will try to posts something that you will find inspiring, enjoyable, and make you happy.


PILAR6373 said...

Una escena encantadora y desde luego muy inglesa,me gusta mucho!!!

Lady Jane said...

So sorry you dropped the Queen, but at least she still has her head, lol... I love your little room box and you will be getting another queen soon. Mini Hugs, LJ

Crystal said...

I just love this. It reminds me of going into an English tea shop. Very creative and the queen is awesome.