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Saturday, October 22, 2011

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 22 - More Crossovers

These posts are more mixed media art than miniatures, but you will note the use of miniatures.   In the piece of Faded Memories, you will find two dolls, particularly the one on the top that could be dressed and she would fit right in with a one-inch scale miniature scene.  

The spotted piece on the lower right is a piece of rusted metal.   Loved the shape.  

 This little teaparty is one of my favorite creations.   It's on top of a French cookbook and the little doll, rocking horse, and bear are items from my stash of miniatures.  
If you didn't catch it in an earlier post, I have a sister blog that is dedicated to things I make.   I'd love it if you'd take a look.

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