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Thursday, October 27, 2011

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 27 - Gift Bags

I love gift bags.   They are great for giving gifts, of course, but they also make very nice miniature settings.   You don't have to paint the exterior.   I line my bags with foam core on the inside and make a Plexiglas insert or the front.     I've featured these items before, but they are worth repeating.   My next big scene in a gift bag will be a child's birthday party.   Stay tuned for that.

Candle Shop

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Halloween Scene

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Dinner at 8
This one is a bit different.   The gift bag was cut up and put inside the clear plastic paint can.   I loved the scene and it turned out really cute.

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Toy Shop

Apparently I haven't posted this site before and if I did, I can't find it.   The pictures are terrible because of back flash from the plastic.   Anyway, it was  a gift bag that I used as the interior wall.

I love using gift bags - I hope you like my use of them.  

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