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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Bringing in the Harvest - Quarter Scale

I just finished the kit by Janet Smith - Desert Minis. I can't leave well enough alone with a kit and have to add my own story. Gertie and her husband, Big Mac, raise cattle and live on their farm. The pictures of their fair winning cattle are on the wall. The kids have grown up and left the home, but that doesn't stop old habits. The apple trees are producing this year like crazy. Gertie is canning them, making applesauce and pies. The green beans and tomatoes are making plenty for the winter and hopefully the kids will come home for the holidays and help her eat them up. Gertie loves her red kitchen and proudly displays her wedding china (or at least what is left of it) on the plate shelf in the kitchen. Gertie loves to have a well-stocked pantry.

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Lady Jane said...

Love the desert mini. it's great to put a story to the room box. You do wonderful work. Mini Blessings, L J