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Monday, November 1, 2010

Grandma's garden

I've had this little grandma for ages. She is so cute. She is a Marcia Brackstorm resin doll. I decided she would be up early. She baked a cherry pie and while it is cooling in the window she surveys her front yard. She is getting ready to replant the front garden, after it lights up a bit and she drinks another cup of coffee and reads the paper. She carries a Hershey bar in her pocket, just in case.
The first picture is not too good, but I am real happy that I was able to make the box, build the corner of the house and attach a frame to the box. I have another one to do and it should be fun too.
The dirt is dried tea leaves ground up in my coffeee grinder. It was sprayed with artistic fixitive to keep buggies out of the scene.
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Lady Jane said...

Would love a piece of that cherry pie cooling in the window lol, and grandma is just precious.Love all your room boxes and I am getting some inspiration to my latest endeavor, room boxes. God Bless Aaron. mini blessings Lady Jane