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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Virginia City in Quarter Scale

Last June, the Carson City Mini Makers did a class entitled "Stepping Back in Time in Virginia City" and sold kits to people who could not attend. The class was taught by JoAnn Jacot. I got the kit and after much 'kit bashing' (need to make things my own), I have finished the project. My project has a bit of a story. In the first photo, you see the main building in town. It houses a saloon, a church, a bedroom (shhhh - might be a brothel) , bath, and a bedroom for the piano player of the saloon. Outside the saloon is an outhouse for the saloon patrons and the doctor has left his buggy here overnight.
Another view of the front.
Bedroom for the Piano Player. He is glad his night is about over. He is gazing out the window wondering how he ended up in this outpost of a town. He really needs to be in a big town, making his mark in the entertainment arena.
Susie, has brought a friend home for the night. Isn't she a cutie. The bar is closed, but the bartender (owner) of the bar and the sheriff are having a late drink. Chairs are up and the floor has been swept and ready for another day tomorrow.

Unfortunately, I guess I didn't take a picture of the church part of the building. Many changes were made to the original kit - the most notable are the rectangular windows and not round top windows.


Anonymous said...

I love your Virginia City. That is something I would really like to do in 1" scale.

Ascension said...

Un trabajo fantastico y ademas muy veraz.
Feliz Navidad!!!!!!!!!!!!
besitos ascension

Ref Pat said...

This is absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing it and the stories behind the various characters.

Since I live in Sacramento, I'd love to do something in a Western theme now that you've sparked my interest.

Thank you for jump-starting me! --Pat