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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Orlando Fun Day - Toy Parade

This past weekend I was in Orlando for the Orlando Fun Day and Molly Cromwell's miniature show. It was great fun. Fortunately I brought a project home that was about 90% done so it didn't take much work to finish it. I have participated in several toy swaps and have acquired lots of toys over the years and most of them have made it in this shop.

I know there is one little empty block, but I'm in the process of finding a well-hidden toy I want in there.  


Chris P's Minis and More said...

It's just adoracle love the colors and all the cute toys diplayed. Very nice!!

Ruby's Girl said...

Wow this is great! Love all of the toys too. Hope that you find the well hidden toy for the empty box. I know that feeling very well and it will show up when you are not looking ; ). Wonderful display.

Linda Grady said...

Adorable, Sheila. Love the toy shop and the soldier wallpaper strip.

Lady Jane said...

Very very cute. lj

Kathi said...

Your 1/4 scale minis are so inspiring! Just as soon as I finish my current project I am going to do one in this scale. Love this one!