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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Victorian Dome House by Sharon Goldsmith of Sharon's Miniatures

I love domes and when I saw this Dome House for a project on Quarter Connection I decided I would have to have it.   Well I got it in late 2011 and in early 2012 I found out that the size of dome would be an 8 inch diameter dome.   Well,  I didn't have that sized dome and it took quite a while to find it on a trip to mid Florida for a miniature show.   Wasn't any reason I couldn't finish it then.   It seemed to linger on the shelf and I couldn't get it out to even think about it.   When the Quarter Connection started the "OMB" (One a month bunch) I decided I should make every effort for it.    This is a great program to get those projects off the shelf and finished.    This was a pretty easy project to fit together and I had been acquiring pieces I wanted to use for quite some time.    When you can see every aspect of a project, it's important to me to have some very special pieces in it.
Instructions out and ready to go.
 Pulling parts out trying to understand all the instructions. 
 First coat of paint on some of the parts. 
 The front.   I love this front and small courtyard.   I'd like to have this in real life. 
Close up of the front.   
 Guest room.   Black and White will always be one of my favorite combinations. 
 Bath room.  
 Front entry way.   Probably needs some additional pieces but so far it is ready to greet company. 
 Master bedroom.   I love red, white and blue too  
 Kitchen - ready to sit down and have a cup of tea. 
 Pool room.    

The kids rooms.   I love Raggedy Ann and Andy and thought my house would have to have that theme in at least one location. 

 Dining Room
 Living room. 
 The front of the house under the dome.   Sorry about the reflections. 
 The side with Master Bedroom, kitchen and pool room under dome.

 The side with RA&A kids' bedroom, dining room and living room. 
 I love this piece and I'm sure in the future I will find other choice pieces and art work to add, but I do believe I am ready for guests.


better half said...

Sheila: I absolutely LOVE your Dome House! It is definitely a place to be - so very inviting! And I especially like Joanne's sofa and chair! Congrats for a job well done!

by Sharon Miniatures

Fabiola said...

Your Dome house is original and fabulous. I really like the front.
Bye, Faby

Erin said...

Sheila, this house is completely amazing. I can not believe how tiny everything is but yet so detailed and true to life. You are such a talented lady...Erin

Unknown said...

I love this!

Diane said...

Love the Dome house! Unique!