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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kits and more Kits

I am one of those people who is aways afraid that a good kit will get away from me.   How do you fight that fear.   Buy the kits as you see them.   Well, even I was forced to admit that it was getting out of hand, so here goes my really good attempt at getting them worked out to a manageable amount.  

Pamela S. Junk did a clock kit a few months ago.   I blogged about it Here   As I said on that post, I already had furniture so I didn't use the furniture Pamela had included in her kit.   Well, I knew it would be cute, and I had to finish it.   Here it is.   I put a silver collection in the corner hutch.   I don't know where it will be used, but it will be used.  

I also bought a couple dolls from Pamela Junk through  her Etsy Store and with the little dolls came this little kit for little doll houses.   Aren't they cute.   The large one is slightly over 1 inch tall.  
The following little dresses on hangers were by Georgia Matuschak and I got them from The Mustard Seed.   Very cute.  

These are 3 kits for Party Dresses.     From Ginger Landon Siegel.   Very cute
These were in a package of 6 -  1/4 " clothing Kit and said it was by Georgia and copyrighted in 1996.   I only made up 3 of them. 

Now we are getting into one inch scale.   Everything before this point will be used in quarter scale scenes.  These were by Kaye Meldrum.   They are really cute. 
The back view.  
Watermelon Basket by Arlene Dennis.   Very cute and the picture reveals I need another coat of paint on the inside or fill it with stuff.   Probably will fill it with stuff, because I love stuff. 

Victorian Glove by Bonnie Lavish.   Very cute and very easy to make.  

Tea boxes by Stephanie Engeseth,    I will use them in the tea shop I am planning. 

Butcher Block by Keith Long.   I've had this kit for what seems like forever.   I am planning on doing a meat market and this will be a central point.  
I can't resist anything Raggedy Ann and thought this yarn kit would be great in the Raggedy Shop I am planning.  This kit and the one that follows were by Dorothy Hawley of Monroe WA
Another knitting set for my Raggedy Shop

Bell Collection Shelves.   Two sets.   These are by Donna Jacques.

I bought these because my mom played in the bell choir at her church for many years before she was admitted to a nursing home.   I will probably use these in my antique shop.  

I've tried to give credit to all the creators of the kits.   Many of them don't have addresses, phone numbers or email addresses.   Some I've had for years, but I am making progress at getting them worked down.   Probably have several more batches to get completed.   

It's fun getting them ready to use.  


better half said... really are on a roll - these kits are adorable!!

Hugs, Sharon

Chris Verstraete said...

Oh cute! I love kits too! You have a nice selection here.