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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sew-Sew the Little Sewing Shop in Quarter Sacle.

I can't believe it is the 2nd day of April and I have already finished the April One a Month Bunch project.   February and March were very involved so I purposely selected a smaller project.   I got these little kits to finish into little scenes.   I had the boxes assembled for months and have been collecting the things in my stash that had to do with quarter scale sewing items and completed a swap recently in that theme so I had everything I needed.   Found 3 items in the notion category at the Orlando Show and that was kinda the final stuff I needed.    Figured it would be easy to do in April since I have several commitments for later in the month.   Well, one day to pick wallpaper and flooring and the items nearly jumped into place.   I did a little placement work and it was like everything knew where it belonged.      If I had know it would be so easy, I would have finished it some time ago.   This was one of those projects that nearly finished itself.  
 Unfinished Box
 Working on Placement
 More placement work.
 Papered in black and white
 Final Layout - added faux door on right side.  
 I love this little stand.   Look at the great patterns in the notion display. 
 Here is the final project. 

Another view.
At some point I want to do a 'main street' scene in quarter scale.   The door was set up this way to open to a courtyard and hopefully the dress shop that I have to do in a couple of months will accompany this shop.   Stay tuned.  


my mini life said...

I to am working on a street of shops in 1/12 scale. I am currently working on the toy shop. Shops are so much fun.

mini hugs alicia

Steinworks said...

it's sew cute I like the way it's set up..Im working on a bakery shadowbox right now

Marisa :)

stormingon said...

You make it look so EASY!! Collect the things to go INSIDE, wallpaper, flooring, voila...insta-mini! and it's it!!!