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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Little Table Settings

I love setting a pretty table.   I like them in real life and I like them in miniature.   I talked Swap Shop miniature group into doing a table scape swap a couple years ago and blogged about it HERE.   Well I talked it up again and we recently completed another swap.   Unfortunately we had 6 sign up and only 5 participate, but a really great group of 5 finished projects.  

 The five finished pieces.  

 What a lovely spring setting.   Wouldn't this be great for a catch-up visit with an old friend.
 Ready to celebrate St Patrick's day.  
 I absolutely love the way the cloth is draped through the center of the table.  
 Lunch in the woods.  
 My six tablescapes.   I love the draped clothes and sunflowers are always one of my favorites. 
 Close up of the tablescape

Really a fun swap.   I have started doing lots of quarter scale.   Might have to try a swap of quarter scale tablescapes in that scale.  

All the above tablescapes are in 1 inch = 1 foot scale.   


Fabiola said...

Fantastic swap!
Bye, Faby

The grandmommy said...

All are cute but I think my favorite are the yellow ones. I think because there are several making it look more realistic.