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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cupcake Cafe - Orlando Fun Day 2013

In Mid February I attended the Orlando Fun Day and their project this year was a Cupcake Shop.   Earlier posts showed Wanda the Waitress and a Ceramic Workshop that I attended.    I came home with a partially furnished Cupcake Shop.    I have lots of projects dwelling on the theme of  'sweet shop' and I needed this shop done to complete my assortment of shops.   (I will do a post on those shops later this week).

This is the outside of the shop.   Lots of enticing items on the menu.

View on the inside of the shop.   Don't you just love the waitress.   She looks like she would make anyplace fun. 

Lemonade  ready to help yourself.   Look at those really fun cupcakes next to the Lemonade container. 

Lots of good food, great rugs and even a reminder to order your Cupcake Wine.  

Cakes too. 

This menu would draw me inside. 

The outside of the shop.  

Cakes, cupcakes and cake boxes.  

I decided to make plate assortments.  They occupy the top shelf.   I love dishes and sure I would have to have some of these for my own collection.  

Come on down to the Cupcake Cafe.   I'm sure you will have a good time.  
The Orlando Club does a really nice Fun Day in connection wth Molly Cromwells Miniature Show.  


Fern Rouleau said...

Love the shop. I would go there in a minute!

Steinworks said...

its super cute! I would go there too :)

Ruby's Girl said...

What a great cafe. i love it and the waitress looks like she could hold her own with any customer eh? Well done!