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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Jolley's Emporium - QS Project

Last month I finished my Tropical Shotgun Project as part of the "One a Month Bunch" to finish those dreaded unfinished projects.   This month it was Jolley's Emporium.   It has been sitting on a shelf for MONTHS!.   Now it's done.

This is a quarter scale shop.  I chose to put a pub on the ground floor.   You will notice one older gentleman stopped by for a drink and the bartender is busy working at the cash register.   The rest of the house is vacant, but I believe it will welcome the family back just any time.

Above the pub is a living/dining area with a view to the street.   I'm sure many great dinners have been served there.  

What a comfortable bedroom.  

Another view of the middle floor.

The pub. 

He thought he'd stop by for a quick drink before going home. 

Looks like a cozy place. 

The bartender just put the money in the cash register.  

This was a great project.   I generally look at these scenes a bit when they are done to figure out what, if anything, they still need.   I think the bar needs a dart board and I will make one of those.   A few more books etc will make it look a bit more homey.  


PILAR6373 said...

Que bonita mansión,la fachada es espectacular,me encanta!!!!!

FabShabbyRoses said...

You've done an awesome job! I love it! So cool the way you used the benches along the wall with the tables. That is so cool! Everything is really nice! I love the living room furniture on the second floor! The puffy poofy couch and chair. Awesome! Did you make those? If not where did they come from? I had a whole list of things to accomplish this winter and I've done very little. The time has just zoomed right by! Jeez! I envy those that actually manage to accomplish something! My hat is off to you!!!!!

Steinworks said...

it's very charming :)