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Monday, March 18, 2013

Little Bitty Pots

This post is rather unusual in that I am posting this on two blogs. Here and on . This blog deals with collecting things and Junk and Jewels deals with things I make or things made by others.      

In February I attended the Molly Cromwell Miniature Show in Orlando along with the Fun Day. I had the opportunity to attend the workshop on miniature pottery. It was taught by Craig Roberts (The Hairy Potter). I had taken regular sized pottery here in Key West. Great fun, but very taxing. Not nearly as difficult as these little pots.

The potter's wheel is about the size of a half dollar and fits in a plastic dish pan. 

These will need to be fired, glazed and then fired again. 

Aren't they cute.   The largest of these is about the size of a nickle.  

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