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Friday, May 6, 2016

April OMB - Raggedy Ann Room

I was very happy when a friend of mine, Fern, told me that another friend was thinning her collection and had two dolls with Quarter Scale Rooms attached and I might be interested in them.   Well, I was.  I sent her the money for the kits and here they came.   I did the Raggedy Ann for April OMB (One a Month Bunch) and will do Andy this month.   He is waiting patiently!!!!
 Empty but with the light on.   Oops, I forgot to say they were lighted.   I love that.


Can't see the room too well, but it is really cute.   Now for a close up view.


Still could add a couple of trinkets in the room, but basically it's done.   Love the heart quilt on the wall!!!

Soon Andy will be done.   Stay tuned.  

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