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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More Swapping - Art Studio Tour

You can see how lucky I was to get the spool people for the pear painting.   My friend Michelle created this great cross and I loved it.   I was surprised it didn't sell in the showing, but my good fortune.   I wanted the cross.   I told her I had an idea for her and would make her something special.

I also used them for my One A Month Group.   I built two shops.   (I had to have one too)  Michele's shop is called GYPSY PALACE and mine is called JUNK AND JEWELS.    In November I built them and wallpapered them.   On Michelle's shop I knew I would do a container to hold it and mine would be built self standing to be a part of a larger project at sometime in the future.

Front of the shops!
 The interior of the shop.   I tried to do tiny little replicas (or as close a possible) of our projects.   I did the pears and her macaw; tables, mirrors, painting station.  I also included a picture of the Eifle  Tower to fuel Michele's dream of going there.

There is still room to add things.   I am trying to make a quarter scale guitar made from a cigar box.   That cigar box will be less than a quarter inch.   If I can get a couple of them made, I update this.

More pictures showing better detail.

Oh, you might be asking what did I swap for.    Here it is:

Isn't it lovely.   I absolutely love it.

It looks so nice on my living room wall.   Thanks Michele.   

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