Re-exploring Key West

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Re-exploring your town - November 2017 - The Audubon House

The Audubon House is actually the Audubon House and Tropical Gardens.   I totally enjoy the house, but the gardens are magnificent.    The Keys was hit by a Category 4 Hurricane in October and I wasn’t sure what damage the Audubon house might have encountered.   I called them and asked if they were open and ready for business after the hurricane.   The guy not he phone said “what hurricane?”.   At that point I knew we would enjoy our visit.   

Whatever mess they experienced and the garden had some, was all cleaned up.   When my mother used to come visit, it was one of her favorite places and she loved the gardens.  Margaret and I enjoyed our visit.   

Lots of great things on display.   Some of the best were Audubon’s paintings of birds.   He spent many years here studying our many exotic species.

Don’t  miss the pool in one corner of the lot.   Really nice area.   

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