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Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Orleans - Day 6 and 7

Today we walked to Jackson Square - AGAIN.   It's really not too far but seems like forever for Ron with his cane.   I must say he is doing really well but according to him, not well enough.   We went to Cafe Du Monde for Beignets and they were fanstastic as always!!!!   On our way there, we stopped for a bloody mary but decided to try an Irish Coffee.   I haven't had an Irish Coffee in probably 15 years.   Forgot how very good they are.   Not too many ways to improve Coffee, but Irish Coffee is doing an upstanding job.

What a great day.  

Spent the afternoon at the pool.  I must say the majority of the people at the pool were in the age range of 30 - 35.   Apparently there   is not a money shortage in that age group.   That's okay.  I enjooyed watching them.   I totally enjoyed tthe day.   

We went back to  Desire for dinner.   We split a fried seafood platter and had shrimp, oysters, crab  cake, catfish with french fries and cole slaw.   One platter was plenty for 2 people .   Plenty of food and very good wine.     Totally enjoyed the dinner.   Not too busy and the service was fantastiic.   

I am always anxious to get home.  Stopped by front desk to see how to get a taxi for 5:30.  (Bourbon street is blocked off at night so taxis pick you up in the underground garage. ).  When we got to lobby our driver was there.    

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The grandmommy said...

Oh my goodness, I remember the Café! Were they playing a little live jazz while you were there?