Re-exploring Key West

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Yard Sale Saturday - No. 4

Oh, Boo Hoo - I didn't get to any yard sales yesterday.   None in my neighborhood and I had to get ready for a meeting that I was the president of the group.   Couldn't shrug off my responsibility.   However, I decided to make something from previous yard sale finds.   Not exactly the same thing - but close enough.

The candle stick was a yard sale purchase for $1 or less.   I don't pay over $1 for any candle vase because there are so many on the market.   The jar was from a yard sale.   I don't know why I  bought it; just liked its looks.   The lid is from ????   Don't remember.   The knob is from Home Depot.   Bought it.   Love the glitz and glam of it.    The only part that was painted was the base of the candle stick and the lid.   Glued the jar to the candle stick; added the knob to the lid;   ADDED CANDY!!!!.   You have to have candy in a candy dish.   Maybe next week I'll find an actual yard sale.    


Love this candy dish!!!