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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bedroom - 1/12 scale

I love bedrooms.   They are my favorite room to decorate in any scale, 1/4, 1/12 or real life.    Here is my latest one.   These items have been set aside for some time and I added a few items, took a few items out and all-in-all, I love this bedroom.
I display them in basketball cases.   I only paper one wall and the floor so you have a great view from 3 sides and the top. 
Miss Priss is getting ready to go on a trip.   Suitcase is packed, she's dressed and as soon as she leaves food out for the cat, she'll be ready to leave.   She's celebrating her birthday and she got the lovely yellow roses.   She thinks she will just take them with her.  
 Above is a coat on a coat rack at the edge of the room.   She isn't taking it; she's wearing her fur.   Gives her such a fancy feeling when she wears her fur stole.
 The vanity next to the bed is realitively neat even with all the getting ready.   The pictures are relatives and she loves them.  
I alsolutely love this bedroom.   Makes me want to work on my real life bedroom.  


The grandmommy said...

The room is verry pretty...but the bed is what really catches my eye!

Steinworks said...

I agree with the grandmommy it's the bed that makes the room but the little touches that you gave it.. make it feel warm and cozy :)