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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Yard Sale Saturday - No 3

I know yesterday was Friday, but I went yard sale-ing.    It was so fun.   I have friends that when they set up for the sale, they do so on Friday and you can buy as they set up things.   I bought a big blue vase, a cut glass cruet vase, an oil lamp (need these during Hurricane Season  -  which we entered on June 1st and which runs thru November 30), a lamp shade (think I will make a hanging lamp from this) and a little colander.   Didn't need the colander, but it is so cute.   Need had really nothing to do with purchases at a yard sale.   

The cruet vase doesn't have a stopper, but maybe I'll find one of them the next time I go to a yard sale.

This morning I thought I would check out another yard sale in my neighborhood.   I found this wonderful rose/heart shaped mirror; a towel bar and a little plastic box that will help with organizing my jewelry stuff.  

I just love yard sales.  

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