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Thursday, June 5, 2014

JUNE OMB - QS Christmas Scene

Well, finally all 4 seasons are done.   If you remember right I posted a convention project and it was a summer porch.   After acquiring 3 more containers  I decided I  would do fall, spring, and finally winter.   I feel really good about the projects being done.   The online group that I belong to, Quarter Connection, has been a real motivator for me to finish projects.   One project a month is not too difficult if you apply your time. 



So you can see the others without looking for them.

I have really enjoyed doing these projects.   I like they way they turned out and it is a pleasure to display them.    Next month, stay tuned for another finished project.   Don't know what yet, but it will come to me soon.  

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Steinworks said...

they look wonderful and you are right one project a month isn't difficult to accomplish..I have two that I need to get on with..thanks for the motivation