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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Yard Sale Saturday (Number 2)

Last Saturday I decided to start a repetitive subject post.   Yard sales, antique shops, consignment shops and related items.    I love them and nearly always find interesting things.   This morning I ran to the nearest yard sale and lo and behold - nothing I wanted and everything way too high.   But not to be outdone, I thought I would post a picture of what I found on trash day by the curb on my morning walk   I walk about 5 am and there is not much to do on the way other than enjoy the privacy of the day.   I do a lot of day dreaming.   Lo and behold I saw something interesting sitting on the sidewalk next to a bunch of trash cans.    Too far away to see for sure what it was but it looked like a lamp.   Generally lamps out on trash day don't work and aren't worth bringing home but occasionally I use the parts for assemblage arts.  

I hate, repeat HATE, things that are still useful going into the land fills.    All our trash of that nature is hauled out of the keys to the Miami Dade land fills so in addition to the waste, we are spending $$$ in fuel costs.   I think that is a terrible mistake.   Make no mistake about it, my husband hates me hauling trash home; I don't mind at all.   Waste not, want not!

Here is the lamp.

Now you know that I am kinda dumpster diver.   Can't help it.  I have rewired a lot of lamps and it is a very easy procedure; one you should learn if you haven't done it.   I actually envision painting the base in a McKensie Childs manner with lots of bright colors and since I've never painted a lamp shade, might paint it too in harlequin.   Stay tuned.   When I bring something home and later decide it not something I want to keep - I donate it to either the Salvation Army or a group raising money for a worthy cause.   Either way, it works for me. 

Maybe next week will yield great finds at the local yard sales.   

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Unknown said...

Great find! I love the idea of you saving useful things from the dump.