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Friday, June 28, 2013

Halloween Market Stall and door prizes

I love miniature shows and especially like the workshops that are offered with them.   The Lakeland Miniature Guild hosted a show and a Fun Day in June and I also had an opportunity to take a workshop.   Jill Castoral hosted a Halloween Market Stall.   I had taken her Winter stall workshop at Sarasota in January.   You can view that blog HERE.     Jill is assisted by Pat Holstrom and together they make a great team to keep the workshop on course and mostly you walk away with a finished or very-near finished project.

My project came home in 3 pieces.  The bottom, the roof and the window for top.    It didn't take very long to finish it up once I got home.     Well, finishing a project is a very individual activity.   As you know, I've been doing miniatures for years and have quite a stash of things I like and I am just looking for a place to display them correctly.    On the back of this stall is a little sign that says "The Witch is In" and I had it from a Halloween swap done on an Internet group.   That triggered me thinking "where is my witch".   I've had her for years and altho she comes out at Halloween, she didn't have a permanent home.   Now she has it.    I got her out and thought she would be the centerpiece on this item.   I found all sorts of pumpkins, potions, signs, and added those to the shelves.   In the swap I had gotten two lovely spider webs and I used those too.    Once I had all the shelves filled, I added the roof.   

 The spider web on the right is plastic but the one on the right is thread and it is wonderful.   They both lend themselves to the Halloween feel. 
 The little cut paper haunted house was supplied by Jill and she spent some time telling us how it was assembled.   I decided I needed to do it while the instructions were clear and I'm glad she gave such good details or I probably would have pitched it, but after a little work with the parts, it all came together very well. 
 The candle in the witch's hand was a bead and i added a piece of wood and a piece of thread for the wick of the candle and I think it looks like a great candle.  

This project is 1 inch scale and  I am sure it will be a favorite for a long time to come.

I'm one of those people who always wonder why I fill out door prize forms because I never win anything.   Well, I can't say that anymore.   This week I got a box in the mail and didn't have a clue who it was from.   Opened it up and found a nice note and a lovely doll that I had won as a door prize.   The doll is by "Dolls by Nicolette".   Isn't she lovely. 

I still have to finish my Tres Chic Fun Day project and when done, I'll post pictures. 

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Fabiola said...

The stall is fantastic and original. I like this elegant doll.
Greetings, Faby