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Saturday, October 11, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 11 - Swaps, Swaps and then there are more Swaps!

I actually tried very hard to pare down on the number of swaps I've been doing.    I must admit, I've done a few less than in past years, but since last National Dollhouse Miniature Months I still have done quite a few.   Sometimes I actually forget to take pictures and I can think of several that weren't photographed.     Here's what I can find pictures of:

Butcher Swap in 1/12 scale

Skirted Tables 1/12 scale

Tropical Swap QS

The Color Yellow - Color Swap 1/12 scale

Little Swaps in 1/12 scale for Lakeland Fun Day

Attic Swap 1/12 scale

Close up of Attic Swap 1/12 scake

Clocks and Journals for 1/12 favor on NAME House party

Raggedy Ann and Andy Plate Shelf 1/12 scale

Rugs - QS

Fire Pits 1/12 scale and QS

Perfume Display - Lakeland Fun Day

Close up

RA&A QS Dressers with clocks

Color Swap - Color picture, plates and napkins 1/2 scale 

More Color Swap

More Color Swap

ME Beds QS


Cookies 1/12 scale

Iced Cookies 1/12 scale

Luggage Sets in QS

Sewing Shop QS - Oops it's sideways

Tablescape 1/12 scale

Bucket of Egg plants

More tablescapes

Bowls of Spaghetti with Italian Bread on bread board QS

Buckets of Grapes 1/12 scale

There you have it - I'm still doing lots of swaps.   Love them!!!!!  

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