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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 8 - 2014 - Minis keep getting finished!!!

Thought I would list those projects done so far in 2014.   Not as many as I thought might be done, but I have several in various stages of completion.   Some minis almost finish themselves and others exhibit a serious threat to my finishing them.   Last year we got up to 145 - and the beat goes on:
146 -   Winter Market Stall QS
147 -    6 Hutch Kits by Robin Betterly
148 -     Lighthouse in Oatmeal Container QS
149 -     Junk & Jewels Antique Shop QS
150 -     Cup Cake shop in Cupcake QS
151 -     Halloween Porch QS
152 -     Bling Jewelry Shop 1/12
153 -     Christmas Porch QS
154 -     Yellow Bed Room 1/12
155 -     Reading Room 1/12
156 -     Raggedy Ann & Andy Shop QS
157 -     Porch Scene in Black Coffee Shop QS
158 -     Green Farmhouse QS


If you want more details, go back in the blog and you can read about each project separately.  
159 -     NAME Online House Party Office 1/12 - Just finished - stay tuned and I will write it up tomorrow.   
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