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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 22 - Joanne Whisenhunt BlueCrystal28

The last beds were 1/12 scale.   Now here is my all time favorite QS furniture maker.   Several years ago I had attended a fun day in Ft. Myers and several of us were following an online auction and she was one of the vendors.   Only one other participant had heard of her and assured me I would love her items.  She was right.   Thanks Fern!!!     I have bought several of her items and have several more that I intend to use in a theme or two in the future.   I don't like a good set of furniture to get past me. 

The following 3 pictures are in the same project.  It's a dome house and I used her furniture in the living room and bedroom.   It's one of my favorite projects.  

The following projects are in my stash, waiting their turn to find a suitable project.   I'm sure it will happen soon.  

Joanne sells on Etsy and you can find her under Bluecrystal28.   Enjoy!  

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Fabiola said...

So tiny and so beautiful.