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Thursday, October 23, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 23 - Suzanne & Andrew's Miniatures

One of the vendors that has gone way beyond what you'd expect from a vendor is Suzanne & Andrew.   They do quarter scale and smaller.   I don't generally go smaller than quarter scale.  
About 5 years ago I met a woman, Melody, who had the cutest little scene in a recipe box.   I wanted one. I really WANTED one.    Posted a description of it on a couple  Internet miniature sites and finally found out it was a Suzanne & Andrew kit.   I contacted them immediately.   Too late - it was no longer being made because the recipe boxes out then were not the right scale.   Boo Who.    I was really disappointed.   Well, I am truly blessed.   I got a message from a member of one of my groups and she had a friend who had it and would sell it for exactly what she paid for it.   I jumped on it immediately.   In that kit was a list of kits from Suzanne & Andrew that you could purchase to complete the kit.   Well, back to Suzanne & Andrews.   Some of the kits were also unavailable and she had a few of the others left.   I bought what I could.    When I got the package from them, there were several sheets of paper with handwritten directions for some of the kits that were no longer available.   WOW!   Way beyond what I would expect.   I still have the project where I can see it every day and I love it more today than yesterday.  

Well, recently I saw another project from Suzanne and Andrew and it was a ME cottage.   Well, I had to have that.   It was worthy of a full post and you can see it HERE

 This lovely cottage had a great weather vane with it.   Well, Sheila with the big thumbs destroyed it.   I wrote them and asked if they had any for sale.   Got an email that said they didn't have any for sale.   Oh well, who would know the cottage didn't have a weather vane.   A few weeks later I got a card from them and they enclosed a weather vane kit from another kit project that they thought it would work.   It is done and ready to mount.    They are such nice people.   

It is a pleasure to deal with such great people.   You can see their kits at Tell them I sent you!

You can reach them at

or   They have been having some work done on their site.   Keep trying  it's worth it!

I was having troubles with their link this morning.   Hope this works for you.  

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