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Monday, October 6, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 6 - 2013 finished up

Last year I did a recap of all the miniatures I had done up through the years and Jeez, there were a lot of them.   I'm still going strong and have several in process now which you will see soon.

My first stroll down memory lane were those projects done up to and including the date of the miniature show I did in 2008 at the Florida Keys Community College.   You can see that HERE.

The stroll continued for 2009 HERE   Not as many in 2009 as the collection assembled the year before but other things slowed down the process.

Running a little faster in 2010, more minis continue in my life.   You can see it HERE

Running along, 2011 can be seen HERE.

With my son getting married in 2012, I burned up a lot of nervous energy working on things - mostly miniatures . You can see that HERE.

Clearly 2013 wasn't finished last year during National Dollhouse Miniature Month so I will finish it up here.   You can see everything up to last year's post HERE  We were up thru 144 units.   Jeez - lots, but I still love my stuff.  

145 - 2013 Cruise Souvenir Shop  - Quarter Connection has a convention every year and in 2013 it was a cruise.   It was a great little project and very easy to do.  

146 - Mary Englebreit Cottage.   This was a OMB item where I built the cottage one month and furnished it the next.

We're up to 145 items and we haven't started 2014 yet.
Hope to see you tomorrow.  

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Marti Icenogle said...

When I clicked the links to your earlier list, I got a message that I didn't have access to see them. Thought that was strange.

Marti from Indiana