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Thursday, October 16, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 16 - Little trains???

I've lived in Key West slightly over 20 years.   We moved from a 4,000 square foot house to one with only 1,200 sq. ft.   We enclosed an outdoor porch giving us an additional 300 sq. ft.   I love my home, the climate, living on an island and all sorts of other things about Key West.   The thing I don't like - I AM OUT OF ROOM.
Before we moved, my little son, he was 8 then, and I decided we needed to build a train village.   We had the train, a 4x4 ft. layout and was beginning to lay it out.    We were very excited about it but fortunately it didn't progress too far.   Clearly it didn't go any further when we downsized.  
Do I miss not having a train village - yes, yes, & yes.    This last fall (2013) I was listening to the car radio and then they announce a train show coming up in Key West.    I did a little research on Google and verified the date and times.   Didn't hear anything else nor did I see it in the paper.    Since I had marked it on my calendar on my iPhone, I decided there was nothing to lose if I just drove by the site to see if there was something going on.   There sure was.   It was a very small show, but I was oh so impressed.  
I still can't have trains in my house (too many dollhouses and room boxes) but this is what I saw.   Hope you enjoy it.  

I was in 7th Heaven.   It was so much fun and I will be on the lookout for the next show here.    Different than the miniatures that I do, but oh they are so enticing.

See you tomorrow.  

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The grandmommy said...

Cant beat a good miniature regardless of the scale! I would love to see a 1:12 one as fantastic as this one.