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Sunday, October 26, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 26 - Janet Smith - Desert Minis

I have been doing quarter scale projects now for several years.   Never did I think I would do that, but with the fact that I am running out of room for too many more projects and I finally decided I love the scale.    However, some things I really don't do well.   FOOD is one of them.    I have a mat that is gridded in quarter inch squares and the first time I make cheeseburgers, they would have been about 12 inches across.   Well, I've had some big cheeseburgers, but that is just too big.  
I can do cakes really well, but that is about it.  I had the great opportunity of taking one of Janet's classes in Sarasota a few years ago and came out with several nicely done, appropriately scaled items.   Must have been because Janet was just an arm length away.
She sells under the name of Desert Minis and her web site is
Here are some of the things I have purchased from her that are awaiting their final location.
Top row is a spaghetti prep set.   The bottom row is a turkey and a whole pepperoni pizza.   Note the penny in the picture.   These items are REALLY SMALL.
The first time I used much of her food was for a NAME day project.   You can see it HERE
If you read this post and know Janet, let her know I'm talking about her.  

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