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Thursday, October 2, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 2 - What is my project for this year?

Last year my project was redoing my dollhouse.   It ran for about a week during the month.   This year's project will be a bit intermittent.   If you want to see last year's project you can go HERE   That link finalized the update to the dollhouse.   You can go backward from there to older posts and see the whole update.

This year's project will be a coffee table.   Here is where we are now.  What you see here is an upside down aquarium, 3 mangers, a box and an cart with attendant.     These little mangers were at the dollar store a couple years ago and I thought immediately that they looked like stalls at a street fair.   Whalla - that's what this is going on. 
The acquarium will have a base made for it; wheels attached and a glass top.
The 3 mangers will be a cake shop, a knit shop and a painting shop.   The box will be an eatery.   The cart is about finalized.   I did it a couple of years ago and it just didn't fit anywhere.   My attendant will be selling off some antiques.    

All the fibers have been removed from the mangers.   Anytime you do a scene like this it involves a lot of moving things around.   I have moved every single item MULTIPLE times.   I think I like the following arrangement.

Not much to go on just now, but you should check back every day and see the progress.     By the end of the month I fully expect to have a little street fair in process.   Also I have a surprise coming for my fair.
Stay tuned.  

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