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Thursday, October 30, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 30 - Tease is Finished - Street Fair

At the start of this month, I teased about a project I was working on and a couple of times through the month and thought you might find it interesting.   I just finished it.   I really thought about a week ago that I had bitten off much more than I could chew.   Never one to let a challenge go, I worked a lot harder this week than I thought I could.  
I have always wanted a coffee table devoted to miniatures.   A lot of projects ran through my head and finally I decided that I wanted to do a street fair.  Here it is.  
Sometime ago, I found some little mangers that looked like booths at a street fair.   They needed a lot of work.   I also found a cute little box that looked like a food booth.   I had the wagon with antiques and thought that would make a good addition.   After staging and staging how I wanted it; I proceeded.   Needed several booths and wanted to use things I liked: art, needle work, cakes etc. 
I rearranged things a lot.   I wanted things visible from all angles.   I am a little detail oriented and kept rearranging things and finally thought I had THE arrangement.   I changed the picnic table today because it worked better.   Now I am happy with the arrangement.  

As you know, I like to recycle things and the aquarium worked great.   I just needed a base with wheels and a piece of glass cut.  That was taken care of during the last month.

 The above clown is one of Sharon Johnson's dolls.  I featured some of her creations recently.   This was a special order.     Cute little girl, with money in her hand, waiting for a balloon. 
 One little girl already has her balloon.   A gentleman with his dog and a good book is just chilling.   He is wondering if he has room to take home a painting. 

 Above is one of the twins.  He's getting the food all doctored up for him and his twin.   The other twin is sitting at the table reserving a spot and enjoying the balloons.   Maybe he will have enough money to buy himself and his brother one. 

 I have way more people in this scene than most that I do.   A street fair needs lots of people.  

I am so very happy with this project.  


Chris P's Minis and More said...

you did a fantastic job very very nice what a great idea manger become shops! and love that coffee table gives me ideas! koodles to you!

The grandmommy said...

What a great idea! I love it love it love! I have a couple of spare aquariums in storage and getting ideas! I have been holding on to a few "mangers" waiting for an idea. Thanks!

Sandra said...

Yes, it's a great idea. I too have an aquarium in storage and now just have to work out what I would like to showcase in there.....Thank you for the inspriation. You have created a real point of interest and shown how miniatures can be a practical item as well, which will open a lot of eyes for non-miniaturists.