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Monday, October 13, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 13 - Isn't that Sweet?

When you have been doing miniature room settings for as long as I have, you start seeing themes show up.   Well, I won't deny it - I LOVE SWEETS!!!!   It shows up in my room boxes.

One of my first was an ice cream shop.  
 Here is one of my favorite.   It's my sweet shop.   I especially love the wall paper because I designed it.   Lots of sweets.
 The following was a cake shop with a place to eat.  It was designed to fit in a cake stand.
 The following is a sweet shop in a cocoa box.   This was fun!!!!
 The sign over the door in the above picture could be my theme!
 The following is my second quarter scale Chocolate shop.  The above is the first.    Don't you love the woman sitting there - I think she is trying to figure out what to buy to take home. 
 Fun Day in Lakeland Florida in 2012.   It is Chocolat Shop.   It is filled to the gills with great things to eat.   I could move into a shop like this. 
 Here is my quarter scale cupcake shop - in a cupcake.   It is lighted so you can see the details inside.  
 Well those are the sweet shops up to this point in time.   Do you think I will do another?   Yes would be the right answer.  

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The grandmommy said...

All so cute! I just got a toothache seeing all of those goodies! LOL