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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 28 - Blogging

I've been posting on this blog since 2008.   I've posted every day during October for all those years.   The first year I posted for National Dollhouse Miniature Month, I started on Day 2 because I didn't learn about it until Day 1.   I must say some years it is really easy.  Other years I am plagued with this overriding feeling of "OH MY GOD, WHAT EVER AM I GOING TO POST ABOUT".   It comes over me like a wave but I have found a way to work around that.   I love doing it.
I also love getting feedback.   I occasionally hear from a long lost friend; followers from year's past and new friends.   
If you like my blog, sign up to be a follower.   Also when it's not October, I post intermittently and you can get that delivered to you by email.   It really is a simple process.   Just sign up with your email address.   You get an email for verification, click on the link and you are good to go.   I don't need anything from you other than an email.
I like to hear what you want to know.   I get great pleasures in hearing that a particular project really had an effect on you.   I also like to help with a process if I am able to do that.
In a nod to miniatures, I wanted to post a dollhouse I saw in Texas.   My husband and I went to Texas to visit our son, granddaughter and daughter in law.   Our plans changed a bit after we got there and we ended up in Waco Texas at the Discover Museum on the collage campus.    This has  all sorts of exhibits for kids of all ages and quite intersting.   When we got upstairs - this is what I found:

Kinda a surprise to see this dollhouse and I would have liked to have seen a lot more - it just goes to show you; kids (of all ages) can enjoy this museum. 
See you tomorrow!

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