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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 1 - What Scale

I had a very interesting discussion the year before last at the Orlando Miniature Show.   This woman was wanting to buy some pieces for a 1/2 scale room.   Her first pick was 1/12 scale and her second pick was for 1/4 scale.  Both wrong and she would not be satisfied with her selections.   She was very sorry she did not bring her tape measure.   I gave her a hint that she loved and actually hugged me at the show.  I didn't think the tip was all that hug worthy, but maybe you will.
Most of us don't think of carrying a tape measure with us but you have the next best thing.   A dollar Bill. 
This little 6 inch ruler would work but it can be a bit uncomfortable to stick in your pocket. 
As you can see the dollar bill is the same length as the 6 inch ruler   Six inches.   What else could be six inches.    A full grown man could be about 6 inches - Oops I mean 6 feet tall. 
Clearly there could be a little bit of change since not all men are 6 feet tall, but remember for every quarter inch, you gain or lose 4 inches of height. 
This tip
works for all sizes.   See my little quarter scale people.  They would be 1/4 the length of a dollar bill or 1 1/2 inches long. 
Go armed with at least a dollar and you can always determine scale.
Works for 1/12 scale
Fold that dollar over and you have the perfect measure for 1/2 scale.  
Fold it again and you got a perfect way to measure for 1/4 scale.  
I hope this little tip gets your off on the right foot.
See you tomorrow!  

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Mini Addictions said...

Love this tip! Thank you so much for sharing. I would have hugged you
:-) Lisa