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Saturday, October 18, 2014

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 18 - Sweet Dreams

I think I am a frustrated decorator.   I love decorating bedrooms.   Although I only have 2 of them in real life - I have a bunch of them in smaller scales.   Today, we'll talk about the 1 inch scale.

In the above scene. I found the bed on sale and then went to town accessorizing the room.   My husband had bought me the fur trimmed  suit and I found the hat, and the shoes were in a swap I participated in.   This woman is very self assured and is in New York and enjoying her alone time.   She has upscale refreshments and in a few minutes will get all gussied up for a night on the town.   I bet she has a good time. 

Hard to get a good view of the shoes because they are so small, but really classy! 

Crackers, shrimp, wine, and candy - My type of meal.

This art drawing is actually one of my original pieces and I copied it and shrunk it down to acceptable size.  

One last view.   I use Basket Ball cases to protect the scenes and keep the dust out. 

Valentine's Day
Nearly everything in this scene were received in swaps, including the bedding and the bed tray.  
A wider view of the scene.   See the jewelry box on the side table.   This also rests in a Basket Ball case.  
My most recent bedroom.   I call it the yellow room.   I love this little side table.   One picture is my son and the other my wedding picture.   Makes it very special to me.  
This lady is getting ready for a trip.   Her suitcase is packed and she is all ready for a special trip.   I wish I was going too. 

This room is a little out of sequence.   Sometimes the pictures are hard to find.   Somewhere there is one in my stash that shows 3 pictures on the back wall, but this is one of the first bedrooms that I made.   Since I couldn't find it, I had to take more pictures.   Since they are in a basket ball case, it reflects a bit too much but you get a better idea of the finished room.  The fabric is a favorite of mine and I carried it around for years before finding a use for it.

Sorry about the reflection above, but gives you a better idea of the finished room box. 

Stay tuned for smaller bedrooms tomorrow.   

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The grandmommy said...

I like decorating bedrooms also. Your ladies really know how to live! I like the scene where she is already in New York. In the one who is packing. Her bed is fabulous.
Thanks for sharing all of your great houses.