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Friday, October 11, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 11, so far in 2013

So far, it's been a very productive 2013.   There is something helping me complete old, unfinished projects and I will delve into that.

On the list below, you will see something different.  It shows OMB for One a Month Bunch.   You pick the project and what month you will complete it.   It started on Yahoo Group Quarter Connection in February.   I was so sure I couldn't make the February deadline but finally gritted my teeth and got it done.   There were a couple of months that I chose to do the house itself one month and furnish and landscape the next.   
I just noticed that our 2013 Virtual Convention Souvenir box wasn't on the list,  so here's the link.
I haven't posted about the Lauren and will when it's furnished, but here's the tease.

I've already found my kitchen items, bedroom and part of my living room.   It's going to be lovely so stay tuned.  
I have listed the links with "here" after the description.    I have a questions for you.   I've posted pictures, shared videos, etc.  What display have you liked the most and the one you've liked the least.   I'm listening! 


Winter Market Stall  HERE


Tropical Shotgun House QS - OMB February  HERE


Jolley Emporium QS - OMB March HERE


Cupcake Shop HERE


Sew-Sew Shop QS - OMB April HERE


4 Seasons in frames I made HERE


Victorian Dome House QS - OMB  May HERE


Fancy Dress Shop QS - OMB June HERE


Halloween Market Stall HERE


Tres Chic HERE


Tick Tock Clock Shop  QS - OMB July & August HERE


Lauren House QS  OMB - September 

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Steinworks said...

I liked them all, I dont think there is one that I liked the least.