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Sunday, October 20, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 20 - Office and spare room.

What a mess.  Stuff everywhere.  Originally it was an office on the left side and a sewing room on the right side.   I've removed the sewing room.   Note to self:   Don't leave little walls like this middle wall.   It is nearly impossible to decorate a room under a stair case.  

As I said yesterday, Papa can't stand the excitement.   He could isolate himself in the office with a cigar and things to read but he doesn't want to be away from the action.   The aunt has her book to read, but sat down at the desk to look at old antique pictures.  She is quite fascinated with the pictures.   There is a bassinet in the corner. Now it only displays dolls.  

Extra lighting was added for these little dark areas.  You turn it on in the attic.    I will probably add more but most of the lighting is really good after all these years.  
I will never put stair cases in a house again.   Takes up too much floor space and you can't decorate behind them.  
Come back tomorrow and see the living room.  

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Steinworks said...

if you dont like the staircase you can always rip it out and cover up the holes. I like the lights how did you do it?

Marisa :)