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Monday, October 21, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month- Day 21 - Living Room

Can you even tell what is going on.  The sofa is way across the room in front of the windows.   The piano is so dusty you have a hard time seeing the beauty of it.  The fireplace is a mess and the Christmas tree has ended up in the center of the room.   Icky! 
 The sofa has been moved to look at the fireplace.  The 3 bridesmaids were cake decoration from my wedding cake.   They are a little the worse for wear, but Ron and I've been married since 1967, so all in all, they are doing fine.    Mama is in the back and she is reliving all her own memories and looking forward to the big moment.    A valance was added to the windows.  Two additional paintings were added to the walls.   A different Christmas tree and it's location was changed from the far wall to the stairway wall.    The piano was moved close to the bay window.  
 The girls are waiting for the photographer for a few more pictures.   The poinsettias are resin and they are a wonderful addition to the fireplace.  
 It is a Christmas wedding and there are lots of Christmas gifts already arriving for the season.  
 A little different view.
 The aunt was coming to the living room, but decided to stay out of the way and wait until the photographer gets done.   When he is done, the bridesmaids will go assist the bride. 
Come back tomorrow and see the dining room. 

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Fabiola said...

Wonderful Christmas scenes.
Greetings, Faby