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Saturday, October 5, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 5 - Antique Shop with more antiques!

In 2008 I was getting ready for a showing of my miniatures at the Florida Keys Community College and wanted to finish my antique shop.  As I've stated many times, I love shops - consignment, antique, etc.    My mother did own an antique shop for years and sold as "Antiques by Gladys".   She loved it and did mall shows for years.   She saw 48 of the 50 states and always regretted that she didn't make them all.   In most of the contiguous states she did an antique show.  
That shop was featured HERE
Well as you can see it had lots of things in it but I decided I had more 'antiques' to add.  I rarely pass up an antique swap in the miniature groups that I belong to. 
This is the shop without any additions.

Here you will see 2 doll houses, 1 shelf, candle rack and a painting.
I still have all the shelves in the cabinet where I can add things in the future. 

At the corner you can see the yellow plate shelf with 5 plates and bottles added.   At the end you can see old pictures.   The foxy lady in the black frame is my mom when she was in her early 20s.   On the top of the curio cabinet is an elephant statue.

Three more doll houses, these on the counter and in front of the counter is a bell stand.  

You can tell this shopper comes often.   She brought her Corgi with her to help sniff out the bargains.  

There are 2 new glass pieces on the top of the shelf. 

Candle and shell arrangement added to the back counter. 

I don't know if you were counting, but 18 things were added to this scene.    It looks like a fuller antique shop and that is just the way I like it, plus I hate to have minis languishing in a box. 

Come back tomorrow.  


Pat in Sarasota said...

Love the additions Sheila. My Nana had an antique shop in her home in Vermont so we share many pleasant memories. Pat in Sarasota

better half said...

As always Sheila...outstanding job!

Hugs, Sharon

The grandmommy said...

I think those were great additions. I also like those tiny ceramic veggies!