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Saturday, October 12, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 12 - Oh My - Fun Days!

Well, if you have followed my posts for any time, you have seen me reference 'Fun Days'.   That is a specific occasion the way I use it and not just an enjoyable day although they are that too.   I've heard of them for a  much longer time than I've been going to them.   They were a little intimidating and I didn't know anyone going.   After meeting some people who loved them, I jumped in with both feet.  
Fun Days, the way I use the term, is an occasion hosted by a miniature group.  Generally its a Saturday and you gather as a group and make a project.   The project is sometimes partially assembled and you finish it.   You generally learn a technique that will assist you in other projects.   It generally runs all day (9 am - 3 or 4 pm) and you walk away with a (nearly) done project.    You can bring little gifts to swap and you will make 20 items and come home with 20 different items that help furnish your fun day project.   You also bring 5 gifts for your table mates that also help you furnish the project.   If you want to do a bigger gift (generally worth $10) you can participate in that swap and come away with a really lovely item for your project.  
I have loved every one that I have attended.   I have met some wonderful miniaturists that have become good friends.  
I started in 2011 with the Lakeland Club and they did a girls bedroom:  
Full blog posting can be seen HERE
The next year, 2012,  I participated in 3 fun days.   The first was Orlando and the project was Toy Shop HERE, March was in Ft. Myers and it was a Beach Shack  HERE and in June it was Lakeland and it was a Chocolat Shop  HERE.
In 2013, I've done 2 projects.   First in Orlando and it was a Cupcake Shop  HERE and in Lakeland it as Tres Chic  HERE.
I am already signed up for next February Olando's Fun Day and it will be a jewelry shop.   Who doesn't like a jewelry shop?

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