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Thursday, June 28, 2012

CHOCOLAT - Lakeland Miniature Guild - Fun Day 2012

When I saw the prototype photo of this project, I knew I had to be involved. I love chocolate and rarely let a day go by without a little chocolate in it. I do give it up for Lent - exercise in willpower. I like miniature scenes full of goodies. I want something new to look at from any angle. Same way I decorate my home.

One of the reasons I love shops like this is because you can pack tons of stuff into them.  

This is inside the shop, looking out thru the window.
Looking out another window.   
Horseshoe cabinet to display the goodies.  
Another view.   Hard to get a good picture thru plexiglass.
Cakes, Cookies, Fudge, etc.   
Of course you will have a sample.
My chandelier needs a bit of work, didn't know it was not hanging straight, but easy to solve.   Don't you love chocolate fountains.   
The view of the whole shop.  

Outside the shop.   A place to sit and eat some chocolate and a trash can so you don't litter the wrappers.  

The exterior view.  

Just a little sign in the window in an empty cake stand - of course we have cake!

Some scenes take a long time to work out, this was just the home for all the things I've been collecting over many years.   It was really great fun.


Raven said...

absolutely wonderful! you did an amazing job!!

SJNorris said...

I love this shop. Would love to do one

The grandmommy said...

I had a hard time remembering the bakery items weren't real. I aspire to be a chocolatier as creative as you.

kindygirl said...

FABULOUS!! i love this! thanks for sharing!

miniature bakery said...

this is an adorable little bakery, and so tasty! The nice thing about miniature sweets is that they don't have any calories.

having a miniature dollhouse bakery assembled

Pat Gazie said...


I'm so proud of your Chocolat Shop you did a amazing job on it, I loved being a part of the Fun day and designing the pro type with Ron was great!!! but seeing what each student did with there's is fabulous!!!!! Great Job!!! you made me so proud..... Can't wait till next year's fun day... Pat Gazie, chairman and friend.