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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Little Garage for your Little Car

My Little Garage

This project is in 1/4 inch scale.   The car is slightly different, but it works well.   

 The gentleman of the house and his dog are home from a ride.   Mom's been working on her plants and has the train out to do a little painting touch up on it.  

I got this garage several months ago and just haven't had time to work on it.   I am in a 'finishing projects' mode now and it got finished this week.  



Anonymous said...

wondrful garage
I have 3 mini cars and no garage
what will I do? lol
I need 3 garages.
I got the pink cadillac and blue volkswagon and a blue pickup
It is wonderful to have mini cars
with the houses

Barb M. said...

Fantastic work! Love all the 'tiny' detail from the train to the plants to the puppy! Can you share where you gott the man and the dog?

Raggedy Kingdom said...

Barb, the little people and dog were from 'train' packages where you get a half dozen miscellaneous characters. I bought several when I started doing 1/4 scale scenes, to use and also to measure for proper size. They have kits of kids playing, people sitting, dogs, cats, etc. Sheila

Carol P. in WA State said...

Great work, Sheila. Looks so realistic, well except for how clean everything is! Wish my real garage looked like that! The mini train is a gem. Vey well done and thanks for sharing link.

maids slc said...

The garage looks neat and clean. No stains all over even it's a mechanic shop.