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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Those were the days tavern!

I have wanted to do a tavern for a long time.   One of those "those were the days" type taverns with a little diner flavor thrown in.   I wanted people in it that showed the characters that hang out in those places.   Years ago my husband and I owned a bar in Kansas City in the stockyards.   It was the Genessee Inn, across from the Golden Ox and we had lots of characters.   I was really glad we did that and am really glad we are no longer in that business.   

Let me introduce you to the characters.  There's Joe the bartender.   He likes his job.   He really was educated to do other things, but this pays good and he likes the customers.      There is Max at the end of the bar.   He dresses like a slob but always has money for the daily special.   He is there nearly every day and very little is known about him.   There is Red who has a high powered job and loves to come in occasionally and has stuck up a friendship with Max.   She brings her paper to read if Max isn't there or her timing is off.   She also loves the specials.   That is Grandpa  in the back.   He loves his beer, burger and fries.   Sometimes he has his granddaughter with him, but not today.    Last is Betty.   She loves being a waitress; makes lots of money in tips and has been there for as long as anyone remembers.   Sorry, you missed Jim, he ate and left.   Check back later, he might be there.

Oops, I forgot Lucky - he's behind the bar in his basket.   He just showed up one day and Joe takes him home with him every night; but insists he's not attached.   Lucky loves the attention he gets.   

If you can't stay for lunch, come back, they will all be here.   

The scale of this scene is 1/12.   


Rosamargarita said...

Tu taberna es magnífica!
Un gran trabajo
Un abrazo

Michele said...

I love the story that add along with your photos! Fun piece!