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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

National Dollhouse Miniature Month - Day 22 - Dining Room

Well, well, well.   I didn't take a before picture of the dining room.  Why?   A senior moment I guess.   Oh well, I didn't leave any furniture the same and took it all out.    Here is the new look.   The old look was all black oriental furniture.  

Over the aunts shoulder you can see the new round table.  Skirted for Christmas but will work great for the wedding.    It also will hold lots of foods.    Look at the tiny bride and groom on the cake. 
 A new sofa and easy chair added to the dining room.   With so many people, you need to have a great place to sit.   The table only has the wedding cake so far (because I've lost my punch bowl and want to find it before I set out all the food).    In the far left corner is a table for wedding gifts.   So far, the couple has received some pillows, two tablecloth sets, a painting, a set of towels and several boxes that haven't been opened yet.  

 A very lovely room to receive guests.   
Tomorrow we will redo the front porch to make it as comfortable as the interior.  

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Steinworks said...

it's so cute, I love the cake :)